A thriving community, the Poarch Creek Indians draw strength and wisdom from those who came before. Here, Poarch women retrace the steps of ancestors dedicated to the wellbeing of future generations. Today the self-sufficient Tribe partners with Alabama on a path toward progress for all.

PRODUCER Reel Siren Media, Mayuran Tiruchelvam WRITER/DIRECTOR Karen Odyniec CINEMATOGRAPHER Natalie Kingston EDITOR Kim Spurlock PRODUCTION DESIGN Charlotte Royer COSTUMES Sarah Maiorino HAIR/MAKEUP Phoenix Rose FEATURING Poarch Tribal Members VOICEOVER Poarch Tribal Members MUSIC Espoketvs Creek Hymn MUSIC VOCALS Denise Young, Megan Young, Mallory Rolin SOUND DESIGN Laura Sinnott & Jeff McSpadden FINAL MIX Laura Sinnott MUSIC PRODUCER Jeff McSpadden SOUND MIXER Eric Ledet COLOR Alan Gordon GFX Krissy Hume PHOTOGRAPHY Jaka Vinsek STRATEGIST Nancy Mathis